Properties Add-on

Use the Strong Testimonials Properties add-on to deeply customize how testimonials work.

This simple demo represents a popular use case: using reviews instead of testimonials.

Customization 1

Add review features in Strong Testimonials (without the Properties add-on):

  • add star ratings
  • use categories for products and services
  • display the average rating per category

Customization 2

With the Properties add-on, replace the word “testimonial” with “review” everywhere on the back end. See admin screenshots.

Customization 3

With the Properties add-on, disable the permalink structures for single testimonials and testimonial categories on the front end.

So reviews are only visible using the plugin’s shortcodes and they are excluded from search.

That means these URLs will not work:

These customizations are independent of each other; each can be done by itself or in conjunction with others.

This is just one way the Properties add-on can tailor testimonials to your specific needs.

Flexible features

View the Services and Reviews pages to see how Strong Testimonials, with or without Properties, easily adapts to managing reviews for your products and services.

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